Italian Skype Lessons Brand

Fees & Payment Procedure


The hourly rate is fixed and there are neither reductions nor offers.

Lessons can be done both individually or in pairs.

Common Lessons: Prices are dependent on whether the lessons are individual: €20.00 p.p. per hour.

In pairs: €10.00 p.p. (total: €20.00 per hour).

Intensive Courses: The price is €17.50 per hour.

The lessons are scheduled together with the teacher.

There are no enrolment fees.

Payment procedure

At the end of each month I send to the student an email with a list of attended lessons and the total amount to pay into my IBAN account. The price also includes a tax stamp of €2.00.

Once that I have received the payment, I will send to the student a receipt with the tax stamp added on it.



The payment must be done through a bank transfer within two weeks, otherwise the teaching could be suspended.

The price is in Euro. For those students who live in countries with different currencies, please consider that you need to pay the connected commission as well.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Price: Common lessons, hourly rate €20.00 p.p. individually,

€10.00 p.p. in pairs (tot. €20.00 per hour).

Intensive courses, hourly rate €17.50.

Time: Every lesson lasts at least one hour.

Daily lesson: 07:00 - 22:00 (Central European Time)

VAT number: 02318420441