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Kannst du Deutsch?

Ja! Bier, Kartoffeln, Würstchen...

und was noch?

German as a Second Language


If you study German as a second language, you need to practice it with a very good teacher, who can help you to learn the grammar and use it correctly. Lessons are in German and English is rarely used.



Nowadays, people are interested in getting Certifications for validate their German fluency.

There are different Certifications and all of them are very complicated to obtain.

For this reason, it is very important to work on the exercises and study German for several month before you decide to do the test.

If you are interested in getting certifications of German language, Skype Lessons are perfect for you, because it helps you to improve your knowledge and pass the exercises with a very good mark too.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Reading German Literature


If you like reading, you should discover ancient, modern and contemporary German writers and their masterpieces. Would you like to read German books or listen to audio books in German?

No problem, I am here to help you achieve your dream!


Listening  and speaking German


If your dream is to listen and speak German, Italian Skype Lessons is perfect for you, because it helps you to understand words and their meanings, but it helps you to impove your pronunciation too.

German is not an easy language, but you can improve your abilities with Italian Skype Lessons... don't waste your time, let's keep in touch soon!


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