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Learning Italian

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Italian is the language of culture, music and love:

Italy is a beautiful country, but it is sometimes complicated to understand. Only by learning Italian and keeping in touch with the Italian lifestyle, you can understand better this unique and incredible country. If you like Italy and you want to learn Italian, let's practice it together on Skype!

About Italian​

Italian is a beautiful and romantic language, but unfortunately it is not very easy to learn.

It originates from Latin, but has been influenced by many other languages such as Greek, Arab and other European languages. When people decide to study Italian, however, they should pay attention to learn standard Italian. In fact, many foreigners are not able to distinguish standard Italian from the hundreds of different dialects spoken in different part of Italy. They also do not realize the limited use of some particular saying. For this reason, it could be very useful to study with me: I only speak and teach standard Italian!

About Italy

Many people from all over the world like Italy: its cities, art and landscapes. The strategic geographical position of this country makes it unique in all its aspects.

The Italian peninsula is one of the richest and variable natural environments in the world and hosts a huge variety of animals and vegetables. Its position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea also contributes to its being a host to many different cultures, all of whom meet and mix together, giving life to an important cultural hub. If you like Italy, let's discover together the most beautiful places of this country!

About Italian Culture


Many people from all over the world have in their minds a stereotype of Italians. Actually Italy is not just one culture and one lifestyle. Italy is still divided into local areas where many different traditions, dialects, recipes and attitudes are maintained. For this reason, it is very complicated to define Italians and the Italian culture, but at the same time these differences make Italy a unique country. If you are interested in discovering Italy and its beautiful culture, don't waste your time, and get in touch with me! 

Skype Lessons... and then?

After your Italian lessons on Skype you will be able to practice your Italian in Italy, speaking with Italians. In fact, studying Italian on Skype is perfect for improving your Italian before you go on holiday, or before your business meeting. Do you want to study Italian in Italy? Nothing is impossible!

If you wish to study Italian while spending some time in Italy, it is possible to arrange a summer course in the beautiful city of Ascoli Piceno (Marche Region), which is also a great chance to discover my city and its wonderful area. For more information, you can contact me here.

Did you know that Italian is one of the most spoken languages in the world?

In the last few years many people have begun to study it and speak it!

Do you like Italian art and architecture?

Let's discover the wonderful city of Ascoli Piceno (Marche) one of the oldest cities in Italy!

Are you interested in discovering Italian culture, lifestyle and traditions? Have a look at my Blog!! You can find there many interesting posts, articles and stories.

Are you planning to visit Italy soon?

Do you dream to buy a holiday home here? ...So it's time to learn Italian!!

Italian Lessons via Skype: stay connected with Italy!

Pizza, pasta, mandolino... what else? Let's learn Italian on Skype!

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