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Italian as a Second Language


If you like languages, you should speak Italian, because of its great history and its wonderful sound. In fact, many foreigners say that while speaking Italian, it seems that people are singing. So if you begin to study Italian now, you will have the same talent soon. If you study Italian as a second language, you need to practice it with a native speaker teacher, who can help you to learn the grammar and use it correctly. In addiction, you could also learn Italian proverbs, jokes and common sayings!

Reading Italian Literature


If you like reading, you should discover ancient, modern and contemporary Italian writers and their masterpieces. Would you like to read Italian books or listen to audio books in Italian? We can read together books in Italian and I will help you to understand the most complicated words and sentences, not only translating it in English or German, but also explaining its meaning in Italian, by using easier words. Learning a new language through a book is very useful. If you read a contemporary novel, you can learn many modern way of speaking too.

Discovering Italy


If you speak a new language, you should practice it during your spare time. Travelling is a great chance to discover a country and learn its native language. Learning Italian could be very useful and fun, if you want to travel across Italy. For this reason,  if you like discovering Italian cities and countryside, as well as different sport and other activities, why don't you ask to a native Italian person who likes travelling in Italy? Remember that by keeping in touch with Italians, it is the best way to discover the secret treasures of this wonderful country.

A holiday home in Italy


Many foreigners like buying a new house in Italy, which is a great idea to spend beautiful holidays in this wonderful country. However, both if you are going to buy a house here or if you have it already, it is very important to speak Italian, because you could need it to understand better  letters, taxes, permissions and other legal documents. In addition, if you are going to buy a holiday home in Italy, I can help you to find the best place and house for your vacation!

Discovering Italian art


Most of my Italian language students are also interested in Italian arts: painting, sculpture, music, performance, opera, film, literature, and so on. And, of course, Italian cities and museums are full of monuments and works of art. In addition, there are many interesting new Italian authors, painters, musicians and directors, who enrich and promote contemporary Italian culture and lifestyle. I like talking about many different subjects, but Italian art is one of my favourite topics, especially painting, film, theatrical performance and literature. During my studies I had the chance to become acquainted with the masterpieces of many Italian authors. I like discovering new artists, as well, and see how they are influenced by many different cultures.​ If you also like Italian art and are interested in discovering more, just keep in touch with me. It will be a pleasure to talk and find some common interests.

Pizza, pasta, mandolino... what else? Let's learn Italian on Skype!

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