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Discovering the secret Italy

Are you planning to spend your summer holiday in Italy?

Are you going to discover secret Italian places?

Would you like to help disadvantaged people?

It's time to visit central Italy!

You probably heard about the strong earthquakes that hit four regions in central Italy some months ago. Southern Marche and Umbria, Northern Abruzzo and Eastern Lazio, is the extended area which has been deeply involved.

As you probably know, the earthquakes caused big damages in some cities and villages, such as Amatrice, Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto. Unfortunately, in those places the situation is still complicated and rebuilding is requiring much time.

Understandably, after the first earthquake, which was the 24th of August, tourists disappeared more or less everywhere in these four regions. What worsen the situation is that nowadays tourists are still avoiding to visit this area, even if the situation is not so difficult like in the mentioned villages.

The economic situation, in fact, is not improving in this part of the country, which economy is based on tourism and handcraft and that now is facing a very difficult situation. Many historic cities and villages such as Ascoli Piceno, Offida, Fermo, Macerata, Camerino, Recanati, Spoleto, Foligno, Rieti, L'Aquila, Civitella del Tronto and Teramo need to be helped by tourists.

If you are planning to spend your summer holiday in Italy and you would like to discover the secret and beautiful Italian places, it's time to visit central Italy, which is a treasure chest of arts and breath-taking views.

Visiting this area, eating and sleeping in traditional restaurants and hotels and buying handmade products, you could give a concrete help to disadvantaged people, which are always grateful with tourists and that don't want to be forgotten at all.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me, I could suggest you the best places to visit.

(foto: Italia.it, Ascoli Piceno - Piazza del Popolo)

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