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Italian Grammar: Some Irregular Verbs

Aggiornamento: 26 mar 2021

Italian grammar is not very easy and, for sure, the conjugation of the verb is one the most difficult aspects of the language. Things get more difficult when we use irregular verbs, above all because sometimes foreign students don't know that many common verbs are not regular.

Unfortunately there are not many rules that help us to understand neither an irregular verb nor its conjugation, so it is very important that you study them.

Here you can find some of the most used irregular verbs.

Today we see just study a small group of them.

Rimanere (to stay, to remain)

io rimango

tu rimani

lui/lei rimane

noi rimaniamo

voi rimanete

loro rimangono

Salire (to get in, to go up)

io salgo

tu sali

lui/lei sale

noi saliamo

voi salite

loro salgono

Uscire (to go out)

io esco

tu esci

lui/lei esce

noi usciamo

voi uscite

loro escono

Venire (to come)

io vengo

tu vieni

lui/lei viene

noi veniamo

voi venite

loro vengono

In the next few weeks we will study more irregular verbs.

Read more about this topic here

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