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Italian Lessons For Ukraine Project

Italian Lessons For Ukraine Project is a program made by Italian Skype Lessons and it aims to teach Italian language for free to Ukrainian Refugees currently living in Italy.

The course of Italian language is tailored to student's needs and it helps students to learn, understand and speak Italian language in short-term.

Classes are open to Ukrainian Refugees currently living in Italy, who are interested in learning/improving Italian language and are able to speak/understand a bit Italian language or are able to speak/understand English language.

The course could be both short or long term one (it depends on student's needs) and it consists of weekly classes.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and is organized in this way: around 20 minutes of lesson are spent for studying grammar and practicing with exercises (both English and Italian language); while the rest of the time is spent for conversation in Italian language.

All lessons are online (skype, meet, zoom, teams and webex) and are completely FREE!

Limited number available.

Italian Lessons For Ukraine Project aims to help Ukrainian people:

If you are interested in the Project, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail: italianskypelessons1@gmail.com

Slava Ukraini!

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