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We Have A Great Good News!

The 2019 is almost at the end and the 2020 is bringing us many good news. We are so excited about that, but we can't wait for the new year. It's for this reason, that we are going to show you our first big news:

Italian Skype Lessons has a new Blog!!

Our older blog was nice, but the newest one is much better:

A nicer graphic design, new settings, bigger pictures, more interesting topics, more grammatical information, more news about Italy, the Italian language, culture and lifestyle, less categories but well organized and above all...

...you can sign up and follow all our posts!!

Don't miss Italian Skype Lessons' news and don't waste your time:

let's enroll... and let's study Italian language with Italian Skype Lessons!

For info: See Italian Skype Lessons' blog and website.

Pizza, Pasta, Mandolino ...and what else?

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